History of the Hamery

It was over 40 years ago when Col. Tom Givan and Dr. Sam Woods realized the need for good, old-fashioned cured country hams in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The two were reminiscing about coming home, getting into Mama Vic's cabinet, and eating cold biscuits stuffed with Old Doc's country ham. Col. Givan and Dr. Woods longed for someone in Murfreesboro to cure hams the way they did in the old days.

"Those store bought hams are being cured so fast that they don't even have time for the squeal to leave," they would say. Col. Givan and Dr. Woods agreed that country hams needed the rich, tangy flavor they remembered so well from Old Doc's country ham years ago. The two friends knew that the only way for a ham to taste as superb as they remembered was to cure it themselves – just like Old Doc did. This marked the beginningof G & W Hamery's operations.

About 10 years later, "The Hamery" was handed down to Bob Woods, Old Doc's grandson, and he has been running it ever since. Curing ham hasn't changed much at G & W Hamery, and Old Doc's 68 year old sugar curing recipe is still hanging on the wall.


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