Cooked Ham

We are no longer taking orders until after Christmas.

Cooked hams are fully cooked, de-boned, and may be sliced or whole. They are smoked with apple and hickory wood and aged for 9-12 months. Customers may purchase them by the whole ham, or by packages.
Whole Cooked & Deboned Ham - Sliced
$90.00/Whole Ham

• Fully cooked ham
• Ready to eat
• Boneless
• Sliced in 7 approx. 1 lb vaccuum sealed packages
• Approx. 7 lbs
Whole Cooked & Deboned Ham - Not Sliced
$90.00/Whole Ham
• Fully cooked ham
• Ready to slice
• Boneless
• Approx. 7 lbs

Sliced, Cooked & Deboned Ham

• Fully cooked boneless ham
• Ready to eat
• Sliced (1/8" thick)
• Vacuum sealed packaging
Approx. 1 lb. /pkg.


Shaved Cooked Ham

• Sold in 1/2 lb pkg.
Ground Cooked Ham

• Grandmother Snell's secret seasoning
• Add to vegetables,potato soups, cheese balls, ham   salad, quiches and more
• Our ground ham is made from our fully cooked and   aged artisan hams.
• Sold in 1/2 lb pkg.

ham broth

County Ham Seasoning Broth

• Low Fat, High in Flavor
• Add to flavor vegetables, soups, stews, soups,   sauces, beans, greens, cabbage, salads and more
• Sold in 4 oz. squeeze bottle

• Also Sold in approx. 2 lb packages for $13.00


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